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About Products Wrinkles

Artificial silks can have wrinkles as do clothes when shipped: Consider steaming. As artificial silks are synthetic fabrics. Do to the boxing, packing and shipping, the same as when you receive clothing with wrinkles. Your steam from the iron is a good choice, low to medium stem setting. Use the stem iron upright, not directly on the leave(s) or stem, about 4 to 5 inches from the leaf, leaves(s). It should smooth it out. If your iron does stem up-right. Put item face down underneath where the bottom of the leaves are on a ironing board and stem about 4 to 5 inches from the leaf, leaves(s). Another way is if you have a hot paint remover gum. This works well. But do it about 8 to 10 inches away from the wrinkles. As these are much hotter. Do not OVER steam them or heat them. Irons with a bust of stem function work well.
About Products Plastic(s)
Never use steam or heat on all plants made of all plastic. cleaning dust use cold water in a spray bottle if dusty. Do not rub leave to remove dust. If there is any type of highlighted paint to give added color. You do not want to rub the paint off. Many artificial cactus and succulent are painted to give a two or 3 tone effect. Let dry naturally after using cold water and pat clean if any water is left. Also a fine bristle paint bush works well for taken off dust on your plants.

Please note: that our products have been shaped in the pictures to show you what it can look like after we shaped and or assembled them. All products come unshaped when you receive them. If you order a tree, some times you will need to insert the leaf fronds and shaping the product and pot the product in your decorator pot. Some items are pre-potted in nursery pot to place in your decorative pot. Just add some moss or decorative rock to finish it. You can use some small rock around the nursery pot for support in your decorator pot and helps to stabilize it. Of you pot is tall. Example: 15" high urn pot. Add some packaging peanuts mix with some small rocks in the bottom to raise the plant up. Than place your plant in your decorative pot and add moss or decorative rock to finish the top off. 

About Products:
We try our best to accurately display the colors of the products shown on our website. However, depending on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate. The Silk or Artificial Silk is used by the industry used to refer to all products and so on, regardless of the materials they were made with. None of the products we carry are made of any real silk. Overall trees or plant height is measured from the base of the bottom stem (un-potted) or from the bottom of the nursery pot to the top of the tallest leaf. Width or spread of the products are usually how you shape the product and shape the trunk. Take time in bending any of the main trunks.

Some trees and floor plants are potted in nursery pots (plastic pots) if stated for that product. So that they fit most standard decorative containers. If your container is a pedestal style it can add height to your tree or floor plant and can be taller.

Products Made from:
Products are made from synthetic fabrics and plastic coated iron wire and some cactus and succulents are made of molded plastics or EVA. Products are not made of any real silk. All products come un-shaped. Some shaping or assembling needed. Containers if shown with a product are for show only and are not included in the price of the product unless as noted. We try our best to accurately display the colors of the silk products shown on our website. However, depending on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate.

Overall trees, floor plants, bushes and plants height is measured from the bottom base to the tip of the product unshaped. So if you buy a 5 foot tree, you will lose a few inches when you shape the fronds or leaves at the top. All of our products need some shaping, assembly and potting. Most trees come with fronds and a trunk with openings that appear to be holes on the trunk. Assembly is to pop the leaves into the holes. Give the fronds a little shape. Be careful and do it slow as there a main wire(s) that are used to make the frond with and you do not want to over bend it to fast. As the main wire(s) can pop from the plastic coating that surround the wire. Take time with your products, for a long life of the product you purchase. Trees or plants can size differently depending on how you shape the fronds and trunk as to width. Most filler trunks can be bent to give shape, these are the finger that come out of the main trunk, again take your time in bending them, as they have a main wire in them too. A good idea to look at our original photos shown in item page.

Please note about our products:
Our products are not intended for outdoor use, unless noted in the item description or are UV protected. Do not place product near open flames or high heat source. We will not be held responsible for misuse, damage, or injury that may occur as a result of the products. Products do not include containers, pots and baskets unless specified with that product. Others are for show only. All products come un-fluffed and need some assembling, we have shaped the items in the pictures to give you an idea of what it can look like after you shape it. Most products need assembling, potting or shaping. We reserves the right to change prices at any time.