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Artificial Pampas Grass
Artificial Reed Grass Artificial Pampas Grass Plants 2.5' Feet Tall. PVC Plastic. Shown 1 Artificial Reed Grass with 5 Artificial Pampas Stems. 2 artificial reed grass potted minimum each order.
Price: 2 Potted Plants / $90.00
Item: P1527R-2.5CM


Artificial reed grass. Artificial pampus grass. Artificial reed grass will need some shaping. Size: Height is from bottom of the pot to top leaf extended straight up potted. Artificial reed grass do not include any decorative container. Comes potted in a nursery pot. Artificial reed grass are to be inserted in your own decorative container. If you have any questions please contact us. Products: Due to each monitor screen / tablet difference / mobile phone, the item's colors might be slightly different from the picture shown.
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