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Artificial Mini Cactus
Artificial Mini Succulents plants mixed variety. Un-Potted. Soft plastics. Decortive container not included. Shown 1 of each artificial cactus. 6 Pieces Each Set. 2 sets minimum each order.
Price: 2 Sets / $48.00
Item: 3017


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    A. Donkey 7.1/2" tall x3. Longest stem bloom length 4.1/2".

    B. Succulent 7" tall. Bloom 4.1/4" high by 5" wide.

    C. Agave 7.1/4" tall. Bloom 4.1/2" high by 5" wide.

    D. Agave 6.3/4" tall. Bloom 3.5" high by 4" wide.

    E. Echeveria 6.1/2" tall. Bloom 3" high by 3" wide.

    F. Echeveria 6.1/4" tall. Bloom 3" high by 3" wide.

Artificial Mini Cactus. Made of soft rubber and plastics. Decorative container not included. Due to each monitor screen / tablet difference / mobile phone, the item's colors might be slightly different from the picture shown.
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