Welcome to Silk Spectacular Silk Elegance. Discover the wonder of Artificial Silks. Artificial Silks bring a great approach to design. They can add nature indoors and fill a spot in that corner of your room.

Artificial products are made from synthetic fabrics, and are not made of any real silk fabric, some artificial plants are made of poly plastics and poly foam. Most products come un-shaped and need potting. Some are pre-potted in a nursery pots. Ready for your decorative pot. Products: Due to each monitor screen / tablet difference / mobile phone, the item's colors might be slightly different from the picture shown.

Silk Tree Branches Artificial Silk Tree Branches Artificial Tree Branches

Silk Acorn Tree Branches

Silk Apple Tree Branches

Silk Aspen Tree Branches

Silk Bamboo Tree Branches

Silk Bay Laurel Tree Branches

Silk Birch Tree Branches

Silk Black Olive Tree Branches

Silk Camellia Tree Branches

Silk Canadian Maple Tree Branches

Silk Ficus Tree Branches

Silk Fiddle Leaf Tree Branches Sprays

Silk Gingko Tree Branches

Silk Green Olive Tree Branches

Silk Italian Olive Tree Branches

Silk Magnolia Tree Branches

Silk Maidenhair Fern Tree Branches

Silk Maple Tree Branches

Silk Oak Maple Tree Branches

Silk Olive Tree Branches / All

Silk Pin Oak Maple Tree Branches

Silk Pittosporum Branches Sprays

Silk Rose Tree Branches

Silk Sakaki Tree Branches

Silk Smilax Tree Branches

Silk Weeping Willow Tree Branches

Silk Willow Tree Branches

Artificial Boxwood Mats Artificial Grass Mats Artificial Grass Mounds

Artificial Boxwood Mats

Artificial Grass Mats

Artificial Wheat Grass Mounds

Silk Bushes Silk Plants Artificial Bushes Artificial Plants

Silk Boston Fern Bushes Silk Boston Fern Plants

Silk Geranium Bushes Silk Geranium Plants

Silk Ivy Bushes Silk Ivy Plants

Silk Philodendron Bushes Silk Philodendron Plants

Silk Piggyback Bushes Silk Piggyback Plants

Silk Pothos Bushes Silk Pothos Plants

Silk Strawberry Geranium Bushes Silk Strawberry Geranium Plants

Artificial Cactus Plants Artificial Succulent Plants Artificial Cacti

Artificial Aeonium Plants

Artificial Century Plants / Some Potted

Artificial Echeveria Plants

Artificial Euphorbia Plants Potted

Artificial Money Tree Succulent Plants

Artificial Nerva Agave Plants Potted

Artificial Sansevieria Plants Potted

Artificial Star Succulent Plants

Artificial Silver Cactus Plants Potted

Artificial Tall Cactus Plants Potted

Artificial Whisker Cactus Plants Potted